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  • Indian television market heads for a price war

    KOLKATA: An epic battle is playing out, not on your TV set but to be your TV. ..

  • Amazon, Samara Capital in talks to acquire More

    Samara Capital and Amazon will jointly place their funds in a shell entity, which in turn will buy More supermarkets from Aditya Birla Group ..

  • SPPL gets Licensee of Electronics award for second year in a row

    New Delhi, Aug 28 (UNI) India's leading manufacturer of TVs and electronics Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd (SPPL), a Kodak brand licensee, has for the second year in a row, been awarded 'Licensee of the year - Electronics' at India Licensing Awards 2018. ..

  • How to maintain a balance between risks and profitability

    India is the second largest growing economy in the world and has the world’s second largest population; therefore, the market ..

  • Television prices to see 8-10% decrease from January 1

    Customers buying television sets (upto 32 inches) could see a decrease in prices January 1 onwards. ..

  • Kodak 43UHDX Smart TV review: Cheapest 4k 43-inch TV, great picture quality

    Smart TVs in the country today. The TV has a conventional design: sleek bezels around the display but an old-school style fatter design with all-plastic construction. .. ..

  • Kodak TV eyes 125% growth in revenue in 2019

    Kodak Television (TV) is eyeing a 125 percent growth in its revenue in 2019. In an interaction with Moneycontrol, Avneet Singh Marwah, CEO, Super Plastronics (the exclusive brand licensee for Kodak TVs in India) said that there are also looking at expanding their manufacturing capacity in India. ..

  • TV manufacturers demand level playing field with overseas brands, will Sitharaman comply?

    There have been more than Rs 2500 crores worth of import of TVs in the past under FTA under zero percent duty. This doesn’t favour the companies who support Make in India campaign of the government. ..

  • Reactions of Industry Leaders to Union Budget 2019-20

    In the second term of Prime Minister Modi, Indians has a lot of expectations from the union budget 2019. Finance minister, India’s first woman Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented the budget in parliament. While its too soon to give any verdict on the Budget 2019... ..

  • Amazon, Samara Capital in talks to acquire More

    Samara Capital and Amazon will jointly place their funds in a shell entity, which in turn will buy More supermarkets from Aditya Birla Group ..

  • TV companies may stop making in India, turn to zero-duty FTA imports

    KOLKATA: More television makers will cut down local manufacturing and instead explore options to import TVs at zero duty through the FTA route with the government not reducing 5% import duty on open cell television panels in the budget, industry executives said. ..

  • The Economic Times has reviewed our 40” Smart, in today’s Delhi edition

    We were impressed by the TV’s image quality, it has good brightness levels, shows vivid colours and has wide viewing angles. Overall this smart TV is excellent value with a small share of quirks. While having smart functionality... ..

  • Kodak 40FHDXSMART TV

    The supremacy that the likes of Samsung enjoyed for a prolonged period is now gone. Proof, if any were needed, comes in the form of the Kodak FHDXSMART television—a 40-inch screen size, Full HD (1,920x1,080) resolution and smart TV features, at a rather affordable price tag. ..


    A television is the heart of a “living” room, and attracts direction of our moods as well as all furniture settings. And like all tech that surrounds us, the latent segment of smart televisions is getting impressively smarter and , hence, brands are hawking on... ..


    For the price at which Kodak is entering the LED television space, thinking from the point of view of the average user, one cannot ask for better. Apart from a few lags especially while flipping the air mouse to use the keypad or the trackpad, the 40FHDXSMART is quite 'smart'. ..